ARCHITECTURALCOMPETITIONSDK was established in January 2014 by Anne-Mette Bølling, Architect MAA.

COMPETITION ADVICE Anne-Mette worked as a competition adviser with the Danish Architects’ Association for eight years and was responsible for the organisation of more than thirty design competitions.

ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE Anne-Mette worked in architectural practices for twenty years, including five as a partner.

EDUCATION Graduated as an architect from the School of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1985.


EXPERIENCE Anne-Mette has acted as competition adviser in many design competitions, ranging from large-scale open international competitions attracting more than 400 entries to two-stage competitions and restricted design competitions with five participants.

SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE One of Anne-Mette’s contributions as a specialist in the organisation of design competitions is to ensure that highly technical architectural issues are translated into suitable terminology and to help create consensus and agreement on assessment panels, where members often have different agendas.

PERSONAL SKILLS A good aptitude for collaboration, responsive to people’s preferences and efficient, combined with great enthusiasm for work as a competition adviser, helping to ensure a built environment that is universally appreciated.


ARCHITECTURALCOMPETITIONSDK ensures that each individual competition promoter benefits from suitable advice on the organisation of a competition. Anne-Mette attaches great importance to ensuring that the competition process is conducive to realising the promoter’s visions and ambitions and that the competition is carried out within the defined time and budget constraints. She aspires to create added value in all stages of the competition process.

ARCHITECTURALCOMPETITIONSDK aims to continuously develop competition procedures. Each competition is unique and provides an opportunity to improve competition methods in collaboration with clients, staff in local authorities, participating design teams, client advisers, funds and other parties involved in the project.


28 March 2014. Anne-Mette Bølling has been invited by Copenhagen Architecture Festival X Film to sit on a panel at the Danish Architecture Centre to discuss conditions relating to design competitions in Denmark based on the film entitled ‘The Competition’.
27 March 2014. Anne-Mette Bølling has been invited by Copenhagen Architecture Festival X Film to take part in the festival as an expert in architectural design competitions in Denmark. In conjunction with this, Anne-Mette will be interviewed live on the DR2 Morgen TV channel.


ARCHITECTURALCOMPETITIONSDK specialises in organising competitions at a high professional level. Each competition is organised with respect for the competition promoter’s wishes and requirements, time frame and budget, and our aim is always to create added value.

ARCHITECTURALCOMPETITIONSDK offers a wide range of services covering the entire competition process. The core services are:

Planning of and advice on all types of design and ideas competitions in the fields of building design, urban planning, renovation, cultural heritage, landscape, infrastructure, squares, urban spaces, industrial design, etc. Advice on different competition types such as two-stage competitions, open competitions, international competitions, design brief dialogue competitions and parallel assignments.


Analyses, identification of requirements, etc.
Preparation of competition brief, acting as editor in chief.
Graphic design, layout, printing, photographs, translation.


Preparation of competition regulations.
Guaranteed compliance with EU regulations, deadlines and requirements of anonymity.
Advice on the composition of assessment panels and the use of design professionals on such panels.

Preparation of EU contest notices.
Advice on selection criteria, references, compositions of teams, etc. Publication of EU contest notice through TED.

Organisation of site visits and Q&A sessions for competition participants.
Facilitation of written queries from entrants.
Receipt of competition entries.
Checking of entries’ compliance with competition requirements.


Advising on the organisation of assessment activities.
Guidance to design professionals and other members of the assessment panel.
Facilitation of the entire assessment process.
Chairing of assessment meetings.


Preparation of the assessment panel’s report, acting as editor in chief.
Ensuring that the position of the entire panel is made clear.
Graphic design, layout, printing, translation.


Organisation of workshops for local authorities and clients, for example in the preparation and brief development phase.



ARCHITECTURALCOMPETITIONSDK has a number of strategic partnerships with service providers in fields such as analysis, financial calculation, writing of briefs, architecture and engineering services, sustainability knowhow, graphic design, photography, aerial photographs, translation and web programming.